Mindset Coaching – What is it?

Mindset-Avatar-1At the end of last year I added something called “Mindset Coaching” to my list of services. Now with personal training or nutrition there are a handful of common questions, but with mindset coaching there seems to be one that crops up more often than not… What does mindset coaching involve?

Now I have left this description off for quite sometime as it is quite difficult to quickly describe what it is, but I’ll give it a go. Mindset coaching is a 1to1 session, conducted face to face or via Skype, where you tell me what you want to achieve in life, and I help you find the tools on how to get there.

Sufficiently vague? I thought so. So what do I mean when I say “what you want to achieve in life”? Well this can be a whole host of things, overcoming eating disorders, removing phobias, gaining more confidence, dealing with difficult people, relieving stress or anxiety, managing your inner dialogue and many more things.

Basically if you think “can it help with…” then the answer is most likely yes. So if you have something you want to achieve in life, even if that is just being able to be at peace in day to day life or organise your finances better, then Mindset Coaching could be just what you need.

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