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Testimonials – CoFit

What our clients say

We believe that we provide an excellent service at fantastic value. But don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of our clients have to say.

  • James Pilkington
  • James Swire
  • Paul Grove

James Pilkington

Lost 7kg and 7 inches off the waist

As I think most people have done at some stage, I’d been a member of a few gyms but never really knew what I was doing, either how to use some of the machines or why I was doing what I was doing. Generally my workouts consisted of a bit of treadmill time, a few weights until I got bored (pretty much all arms), and then finish on the bike, but it just didn’t motivate or inspire me, so the visits died away and I’d got to a point where I was heavier than I’d ever been and clothes that used to be a little big now simply didn’t fit any more. I didn’t know what foods I should eat or when and decided I needed to take things a little more seriously.

So after speaking to a few work colleagues, I was recommended to try some PT sessions with Dave and it’s genuinely the best thing I could have done!

First and foremost, Dave’s brill! He’s a really positive, friendly and motivational guy. He was good enough to allow me to stretch the program over a longer term to fit in with other commitments, provided me with a very specialist food plan (to say I’m fussy is an understatement) and really tailored our sessions to ensure I met the goals we’d set. Also, Dave’s knowledge of all things fitness is incredible and I had every faith that I would see the expected outcomes from what we we’re doing and learned more than I’d ever imagine about what exercises are best for building muscle or toning up, how I could target certain areas with a number of different exercises so I don’t get bored…I almost enjoy the gym now!

I’ve got a position where I’m really happy with the results and I’m more toned and feel stronger than I ever have and I’ve got there much quicker than I thought I would or could. So I think it’s pretty obvious, that if you’re thinking of PT sessions, Dave’s your man!

James Swire

Lost 6kg on 6 Week Intense Plan

I have known Dave for some time through a local Thai Boxing Gym. Over a number of years I have witnessed the incredible physical transformation he has personally undertaken. When I saw that Dave had recently qualified and had started Cofit Personal Training, the choice for me was simple

I was looking for a personal trainer to help me with weight loss, nutrition and staying on track with my goals as well as keeping my morale high. I also wanted to increase my muscle mass and gain a better understanding of bodybuilding type training. I knew that Dave understood not only the mechanics of weight loss and muscle gain, but also the emotional aspects involved with being overweight and how it is easy to become demoralised or disheartened when training and dieting. Dave more than surpassed the already high expectations I had of him, no stone was left unturned with the training and diet plan he drew up for me. I could eat a large variety of foods and the diet was by no means restrictive. I had a full training schedule and detailed notes on each exercise, and the reasons why I was eating certain foods at certain times.

The training itself was intensive and fun. I felt that there was always progress being made and Dave helped me stay focused on the bigger picture, tracking my measurements, gains and weight loss along the way. When I did fall of the wagon or have questions about things, Dave always had the right bit of advice to keep me on plan. I lost around 6kg in 6 weeks, losing and gaining size in the desired areas. Not only that but my mindset and attitude towards training changed for the better. I cannot recommend Dave more highly as a trainer. And given my Christmas overindulgences, I will personally be using his services again to kick start my training.

Paul Grove

Paul has really put in 100% to his program. Something made difficult by having Christmas and a week of illness both in the middle of things. He has just signed up for another 8 weeks and I can't wait to see the progress he gets this time round.

I was always a big person in my teens and early 20s but still sporty and played rugby, then in my late 20s I lost quite a bit of weight and was enjoying the new me. But I got a bad knee injury from rugby in my early 30s, during recovery from the injury I got out of the exercise habit and soon the diet went out the window. Along with a new family and work becoming more hectic, the fitness and gym work slipped into the far distance. Before I knew it the weight I lost in my twenties had crept back on. Once I turned 40 and after several half hearted attempts in my 30s to get back in the gym and shift the weight I knew I had to do something different. It was at this time I saw the Warehouse Gym was going to be opening in a few weeks, so I signed up and also picked up some flyers for personal trainers.

It was Dave’s 8 week Extreme Plan that caught my eye, just what I needed to get me in the gym 3 times a week to get me back into a good training habit along with a diet plan to get my eating habits back into good ways. After meeting Dave and having the initial assessment to talk through what I wanted to get out of the 8 weeks, I knew I had made the correct decision. Dave will push you in the gym so you give 100% effort even if a few expletives have slipped out of my mouth getting those last few reps and he also keeps you motivated by always providing varied and challenging sessions.  Dave also takes the time to explain why the sessions are structured in such a way so you can start to take on board his knowledge and apply this yourself to future training sessions on your own.

After my 8 weeks with Dave I’m feeling a lot stronger and fitter than I have for many years. Thanks to Dave’s advice and motivation, I am now determined to get back in the gym and look forward to going and challenging myself.

Note from Dave:
Paul has really put in 100% to his program. Something made difficult by having Christmas and a week of illness both in the middle of things. He has just signed up for another 8 weeks and I can’t wait to see the progress he gets this time round.

Before After
Weight 105kg 100kg
Waist 45" 40"

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